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We are excited to announce that HSAC is partnering with Balanced Habits, a nationwide nutrition program! This great program will help bridge the gap between exercise and nutrition to achieve your ultimate goals. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or even be in a fitness competition, Balanced Habits will get you there by using a macro-based diet.




Balanced Habits helps individuals improve their overall quality of life through customized nutrition guidance.


Our mission is to educate people how to eat real food. We provide a sustainable approach based on balanced macro nutrients and sensible portions of all the food you already enjoy!


Our programs are custom designed to your individual body, lifestyle and goals. We focus on getting our clients the results they want and deserve. We’re not magicians, be we are experts in body transformation.


Balanced Habits Life Nutrition Program comes in three formats. 3 months (less than 15 pounds to lose), 6 months (20-40 pounds to lose), or 12 months (5o+ pounds to lose). No matter which format you choose you’ll have one on one access to our Certified Coach, Natasha, who will motivate, inspire and educate you…because after all it’s your life!


Over the last 30 years Balanced Habits has transformed 125,000+ lives. We’ve developed a system of nutrition that produces incredible results relying on REAL FOOD, not products or supplements.


You’ll have access to your own personal Certified Food Coach that will guide you through every aspect of your program. You will receive properly portioned meal guidance, learn how to eat with confidence and never pay for another nutrition program again. EVER.


A complete food education with your own Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach. Throughout your program you’ll attend structured nutrition appointments and build a customized plan tailored specifically to your goal.

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What if in 28 days you could reach all your goals and enjoy it with other like-minded friends? Our customized nutrition program is designed to make you feel good, look good, and love what you are doing.

  • Coaching, Education, and Life Skills
  • Meal Planning, Recipes, and Shopping Guides


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Empowering people through education is Trisha’s strongest heartbeat. She has worked in public education and the non-profit world for 20 years, helping people live inspired and healthy lives. As a published author, people advocate, teacher, and Certified Food Coach–she loves walking alongside people in their individual wellness journeys. Find Trisha at Harbor Square, serving members as the Concierge and as a Balanced Habits Food Coach. At home, she is a mother of 4 children.

Natasha has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is Harbor Square’s Health Coach. She is a firm believer that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition. She became a certified Food Coach for Balanced Habits because it is another way for Natasha to serve her clients. She is passionate about the program and believes this is the missing link to members achieving their goals. Her sole mission is to help people be their best self possible.

In the past I had tried other diets, worked with a Naturopath and even a dietitian. Nothing I tried made a significant impact on my body fat or my weight. I was told my metabolism had shut down and that even when it got going again I would probably never lose my belly fat because of two previous major abdominal surgeries I'd had. Needless to say I went to Balanced Habits apprehensive about getting real results. I went to my first weigh-in and scan and left in complete shock. I was prepared for the weight on the scale but I was not prepared to see how high my body fat percentage was. My body fat was 41.2%, a body fat % considered at risk. Throughout Kick Start and into Balanced Habits Life the 41.2% body fat is what motivated me even more than losing the 50 pounds I wanted to lose. Thanks to the ongoing support and guidance from Morgan, my food coach, I am accomplishing my goals. As of my last scan my body fat is now 34% (considered fit!); I have lost 43.2 total inches and I am down 39 pounds. More importantly I have discovered how to eat to meet my body's needs. I realized 4 weeks in to this journey that this is not a diet but a lifestyle. A lifestyle that I can maintain. I also know that I couldn't have done this without Morgan's guidance and encouragement when I got discouraged or didn't see results I wanted to each week. It hasn't been easy and I still have 11 pounds to lose, but I now have the confidence and the knowledge that I can do this! And I feel the best I have in years. Signing up for Balanced Habits was one of the best decisions I have made for myself.

Leslie G.

I’ve been on many diets in my life and reached my goal on every one of them and quicker than it took to lose the pounds I celebrated them back on. Maintaining my success was up to me and I had already proven I made bad eating choices. We are all on a diet whether we realize it or not, a diet is simply an eating plan and if we don’t have a specific plan we’re on the default plan. Balanced Habits taught me how to eat from the start with a specialized macronutrient plan that I gradually learned that would carry me through life. No maintenance plan needed… I’m already eating it! I lost 30 pounds and I have more desire and energy to do things I enjoy, fewer aches and pains, and my ever encouraging coach reminds me of how great I’m doing and helps guide me to my goals. If you like getting
compliments on how great you look, join the plan, you’ve got something to lose and an energetic life to gain.

John K.

My weight wasn’t a huge problem, but I was In the catagory of “years of slowly accumulating fat” and I was getting close to the dangerous zone. It was easy to avoid doing anything about it, and I had tried to do some things to lose weight but had been unsuccessful. When the Balanced Habits program came out, I decided to “invest in myself.” It seemed expensive, but I asked myself, if I could pay the same amount of money to have the weight gone, would I do it? YES! I enrolled in the 6-month program. I had never understood carbs, fats, and protein before. What I thought was healthy was usually too many carbs and fats and not enough protein. I slowly learned how to balance each meal and each snack. Not only did I lose weight and go to the fit category, I slept better and had more energy. Although I can eat anything I chose, I nearly always chose a balanced meal. Occasionally I will indulge with too many cupcakes from a San Francisco bakery, or Jo Jos and a sandwich on a big white bun, but now these choices can make me feel physically sick. I hate to think what I was doing to my body when I was eating poorly all the time.
I love the teaching and moral support of Balanced Habits plus the accountability with the extremely accurate body scans. I realize now that other things I tried were doomed to fail. I have watched friends do other programs which seem pretty crazy to me now. Balanced Habits make so much sense. I highly recommend it!

Pat H.

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