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You’re Buff! But Showering Attention on Four Neglected Areas Can Make You Stronger

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If you spend any time at the gym, chances are you’re keenly aware of killer core workouts, ab-blasting moves and bicep builders. It’s likely you’ve witnessed people pushing out squats and bench presses to pump up their most visible muscles. It looks impressive! But, you know what’s really smart? Zoning in on those less visible muscles too, in order to stave off injury and get the most out of all the moves you do.

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Find Your Fleet Feet and Get Your Creativity Up and Running

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Can running trails turn you into the next Van Gough? Will your next treadmill workout spur you to write the next great American novel? Studies show running, and aerobic exercise, in general, stimulates your brain in a way that can help you bust through writer’s block, solve a problem you’ve been wrangling with or find the inspiration to propel a project. Running can boost your mental efforts and clear away brain fog that stymies creative thinking.

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Just Can’t Stand it Anymore? Try this Dynamic Stretching Series to Reset after a Workday on Your Feet

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Fitness experts are urging people to get up and move during the workday. Research has shown that getting off your duff and standing frequently can help ease aches and stave-off illnesses associated with prolonged sitting. Many people have swapped out sitting desks for standing ones, hoping to reap wellness benefits like reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It might make you think those who work on their feet all day have it made.

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Praise the Plateau, then Move Onward and Up!

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The word plateau in fitness is often used negatively. However, a plateau simply means you’ve reached solid, steady ground. A plateau doesn’t necessarily mean stagnation and back-pedaling. It might be frustrating when you’re not seeing huge weight loss or strength gains. However, you are also not packing on pounds or losing strength. Reaching a plateau can be seen as an accomplishment. The truth of the matter is, though, human bodies are in constant flux and continual change.

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