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new membership

How to Get Motivated to Start Your Fitness Journey

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You’ve turned over a new leaf and joined a gym. Congrats. It’s a big deal! Not only is it a financial commitment, chances are you’re hoping your new gym membership will positively change your life. Working out regularly at a gym can be transformational. But, listen, you don’t have to have everything completely figured out before you arrive for your first workout. Indeed, in many ways it’s better if you don’t. You can improve the chances you’ll reap the benefits your new membership provides if you immediately commit to two things: exploration and conversation.

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stronger shoulder muscles

4 Exercises to Build Stronger Shoulder Muscles

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Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and requires a perfect coordinated balance between dozens of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and bones in order to work correctly. And while it’s great the shoulder can move so much (allowing us to do everything from lifting our kids to lifting our arms out on the dance floor), this wide range of motion does potentially increase the risk for injury.

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basic swim workout

Swim Into Summer Shape: 20-Minute Basic Swim Workout

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Swimming is an awesome activity for the whole family. It’s super low impact on the joints, an excellent challenge to the cardiovascular system, and a perfect addition to any training routine that’s designed to help you lose body fat and develop lean muscle. So this spring season, consider adding in a swim workout every once and awhile. After all, you have a whole summer ahead of you, which means you’ll be wearing your swimsuit a lot, anyway. Why not start early?

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Insomnia Symptoms

6 Simple Solutions for Insomnia Symptoms

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You look at your clock for the fifth time in the last hour. Paranoid, you know you won’t be alert at work tomorrow if you don’t fall asleep quickly. You can’t believe you’re experiencing difficulties getting to sleep for the third time this week. If you can relate to this common, troublesome scenario, consider implementing one of more of the following 6 simple solutions for insomnia symptoms.

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yoga benefits

Yoga Benefits for Seniors

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Today’s seniors are different from the seniors of yesteryear. You are not likely to find them sitting in rocking chairs with afghans draped across their laps waiting for banana bread to bake. Today’s seniors are active and they do everything they can to maintain their health, vitality and independence. This means finding the best ways to stay fit, despite the changing nature of their bodies. Yoga is an ideal way for seniors to exercise while working around common health concerns that accompany the aging process.

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