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getting sick

3 Behaviors That Increase Your Chances of Getting Sick

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As we approach December, the weather changes and temperatures drop. While it’s an exciting time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, it also brings an influx of colds and flus. And while we all know that getting more rest, supplementing with Vitamin C and zinc, and taking care of ourselves on a regular basis can aid in the fight to keep our immune system strong, did you know that there are some common behaviors that can increase your chances of getting sick?

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stay fit

5 Easy Ways to Stay Fit This Holiday Season

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At the beginning of the year, you pledged to start exercising and eating healthy. Although your journey to a better you hasn’t always been easy, you’ve persevered. However, you’re worried about sticking to your new program during the upcoming holiday season. The mere thought of falling off the wagon and undoing your good work nearly sends you into a panic attack. If you can relate to this bothersome scenario, don’t despair. Consider adhering to the following 5 easy ways to stay fit this holiday season.

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tennis class

Considering a Tennis Class? There’s Something for Everyone

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Tennis classes come in all shapes and sizes, much like the students who seek to master this sport. From beginner skills to nearly pro level, young or old, child or adult, wanting to work on a specific skill or looking for general overall fitness, there’s a tennis class for that. Tennis is one of a handful of sports that can be played by people of all ages, from the very young child to the senior citizen, and places offering tennis lessons recognize the need for a variety of classes designed to meet students where they are and get them to where they want to be in this sport.

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indoor triathlon training

Indoor Triathlon Training: Alternative Exercises For Winter

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In cold weather climates, certain aspects of triathlon training are, by necessity, pushed indoors for the winter months. This presents a significant training challenge for triathletes, as it can be very difficult to mimic the feel of road biking on a stationary cycle or open-water swimming in a 25-meter lap pool. However, by getting creative, dedicated triathletes can cobble together an indoor triathlon training program capable of minimizing lost progress during the off-season. Consider using one or more of the following solutions when winter gets in the way of triathlon training:

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group fitness classes

The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

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Group fitness classes offer several benefits to participants, especially if they are new to the gym. Many people choose to include group fitness classes in their workout schedule because they break up the monotony of using a treadmill, lifting weights and other conditioning exercises. Group fitness classes also offer a sense of support and camaraderie for women who often get discouraged when they work out by themselves.

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best exercise equipment

What’s the Best Exercise Equipment for Your Workout Goals?

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The type of workout equipment you have in your home or use at the gym will vary depending on your workout goals and other needs. Whether you have disposable income to go toward your home gym or you need to stick to a budget, whether you’re a dedicated athlete or you simply want to stay healthy, and whether you have a lot of space or not, you can find equipment that fits your situation.

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fitness apps

Fitness Tip of the Week: Be Careful of Fitness Apps

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The rise of the smartphone has brought with it some amazing apps that allow us to do a number of things throughout the day, from depositing checks to shopping, creating brag-worthy dinners, and even finding a date. We also have access to numerous fitness apps. And for the most part, this is very convenient, especially when we’re away from the gym. But I urge you to be careful of fitness apps for a few reasons.

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trouble sleeping

Trouble Sleeping? 5 Tips to Help You Slumber

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Are you tired of tossing and turning for hours in bed before falling asleep? Perhaps, you’ve even pondered counting sheep, but aren’t sure if it would help. If you frequently battle insomnia, you might routinely feel tired, irritable, and anxious. And, your physical health may be declining as well. A lack of sleep can lead to a myriad of serious health conditions such as a heart attack and high blood pressure. If you’re experiencing trouble sleeping, consider trying the following 5 tips to help you slumber.

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workout injuries

Workout Injuries: Strains Vs. Sprains

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Sprains and strains are both painful to have and need time to heal to prevent further injury. These workout injuries can occur at any time and are often unrelated to sports or other forms of physical activity and exercise. They can range in severity from mild to severe and may continue to worsen if proper measures aren’t taken to prevent the joint from being overused or repeatedly stressed.

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