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New Programs coming to Harbor Square in June.

Strong Moms is designed for pregnant women and moms, specifically new moms, but not exclusive.  It is all about getting stronger, becoming more confident, and increasing your activity level so that you can keep up with your ever changing little one.

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Learning techniques to loosen tight muscles through appropriate stretching, self-myofascial release, and dynamic movements will help you move better and more efficiently. This in turn will reduce the risk of injury and help you get back to doing the things that you love to do.

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Group Fitness Classes

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  • Juice/Smoothie Bar
  • Full Spin Room
  • Pro Shop
  • Personal Training Programs
  • 20 yard, 4-Lane pool
  • Two Group Exercise Studios
  • Two Cardio Decks
  • Full Size Basketball Court with 6 Baskets
  • Pilates/Yoga Studio
  • Massage Rooms
  • Kids Zone Play Area and childcare
  • Conference Room
  • Steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools
  • 5 racquetball courts
  • 3 squash courts
  • Massage, Dayspa, and nail care

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Group training can be a great fit for many, because of the cooperative and motivating support of like-minded exercisers. With this program, because of the smaller training groups of six (6) clients or less, you can still get that personal attention and coaching, with the support of a group!

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Did you know that identifying your percentage of body fat vs. muscle is an exceedingly better assessment of your overall fitness than just weighing yourself? That’s why Harbor Square Athletic Club offers an InBody Composition Analysis.

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Get Started on your fitness journey with one of our helpful fitness e-books written by Certified Personal Trainers.

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Harbor Sqaure Athletic Club Free Ebook Downloads

stronger shoulder muscles Fitness

4 Exercises to Build Stronger Shoulder Muscles

Your shoulder is the most mobile joint in your body and requires a perfect coordinated balance between dozens of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and bones in order to work correctly. And while it's great the shoulder can move so much (allowing us to do everything from lifting our kids to lifting our arms out on the dance floor), this wide range of motion does potentially increase the risk for injury. (more…)
basic swim workout Fitness

Swim Into Summer Shape: 20-Minute Basic Swim Workout

Swimming is an awesome activity for the whole family. It's super low impact on the joints, an excellent challenge to the cardiovascular system, and a perfect addition to any training routine that's designed to help you lose body fat and develop lean muscle. So this spring season, consider adding in a swim workout every once and awhile. After all, you have a whole summer ahead of you, which means you'll be wearing your swimsuit a lot, anyway. Why not start early? (more…)
Insomnia Symptoms FitnessHealth and Fitness

6 Simple Solutions for Insomnia Symptoms

You look at your clock for the fifth time in the last hour. Paranoid, you know you won’t be alert at work tomorrow if you don’t fall asleep quickly. You can’t believe you’re experiencing difficulties getting to sleep for the third time this week. If you can relate to this common, troublesome scenario, consider implementing one of more of the following 6 simple solutions for insomnia symptoms. (more…)

An Assorted Pick

best exercise equipment

What’s the Best Exercise Equipment for Your Workout Goals?

The type of workout equipment you have in your home or use at the gym will vary depending on your workout goals and other needs. Whether you have disposable income to go toward your home gym or you need to stick to a budget, whether you’re a dedicated athlete or you simply want to stay healthy, and whether you have a lot of space or not, you can find equipment that fits your situation. (more…)

Pull Your Weight and Swim Your Way to Fitness

If you want to mix up your training, a 15-30 minute swim sesh may be just what you're looking for. Never thought about jumping in a pool before? Consider that everyone from elite level athletes to senior citizens utilizes weekly swimming to maximize their physical potential. (more…)

Switch Up Your Cardio With Spin Classes

There's something about spin classes that can be a little intimidating. Maybe it's the high energy music playing throughout the studio. Could be the fact that some participants seem to know what they're doing, which can make newbies a little nervous. (more…)
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