WEEK TWO - Mobility Videos

Glute Foam Rolling :32

Glute rolling: Sit on the roller. Put you hand on the ground behind you and bring your right ankle up on to your left knee. (If you feel more comfortable you can place you left hand on your right knee) Lean in to your right hip/glute. Roll, like a rolling pin over the muscle spending more time where you feel tension or knots.

When you find a knot you also can move in the frontal plane to hit that spot in another direction. Also by grabbing the right knee and pulling it towards your left shoulder you are able to get some different angles of the hip/glute as well.

Adductor Foam Rolling :29

Adductor Rolling: Lay face down with the roller on the inside of the upper leg (it helps to have the leg that you are rolling, bend close to 90deg.) Roll the full length of the inside of the upper leg spanning from the knee to the hips.

Avoid rolling directly over the knee itself. By straightening the leg you will put the muscle on extension and make the roll more intense.

Standing Hip (external rotation) :50

Standing Hip (external rotation): Standing, externally rotate the leg by lifting your right foot towards your left hip. Place your leg on a tall box, back of your couch, counter top…. Making sure to keep your leg at 90 deg. Angles (straight out from your hip and right angle turn at your knee.

If you are unable to lay the knee comfortably down, place a pillow of bolster under the knee to support the knee. To get a greater stretch hinge at the hips by leaning forward.

Do this slowly.

Tennis or Lacrosse Ball Glute Rolling :31

Tennis or Lacrosse ball Glute rolling: in the same position as the glute foam rolling place a tennis or lacrosse ball under your right glute. Apply pressure into the glute in multiple locations. Options to hit different angles of the muscle:

  1. Place the ball under the right glute with the right leg straight out. Lift your right leg off the ground a few times
  2. Bring your right leg in towards your body by bending the knee, much like the butterfly stretch. Move the right knee up and down a few times.
  3. While in the last position rotate the hips side to side in the transverse plane (rotate) Repeat on the left side.

Tennis or Lacrosse Ball Psoas Stretch :34

Psoas stretch with Tennis or Lacrosse ball: Locate the Navel and the ASIS (the highest most front part of the hip bone) Place the ball between those two spots. Lay down on your stomach on the floor.

Breathe into the ball, after a few breaths place your elbows on the floor and press down lifting your upper torso up off the ground in to a yoga pose called “Cobra”. Pressure should still be on the ball.

Slide your hips forward towards your elbows to add more pressure if needed. Lift the leg on the same side as the ball if you need even more pressure.

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