WEEK THREE - Mobility Videos

T-Spine Rotation with Rib Grab :26

T-Spine Rotation with Rib Grab (optional Arm Sweep): Lay down on the ground on your right side. Place a pillow under the neck if needed. Place a foam roller parallel to your body at about the hips. Flex at the hip and bring the left knee and ankle onto the roller. Bringing the knee up to hip height making a 90deg. angle at the hip. By bringing the leg to 90 deg. you will lock down the lumbar spine so that the rotation will occur at the T-spine and will be safer on your back.

Reach up and grab the left knee with your right hand and hold your knee in place on the roller. With your left hand grab onto your ribs. Rotate at your T-spine by pulling the ribs and driving your left shoulder towards the floor all while maintaining the left knee on the roller. As you pull use you’re breathing to go deeper into the stretch. Exhale and pull deeper each time. Do this for 4-5 breaths.

Optional arm sweep for shoulder and chest stretch:

After your 5th breathe and stretch if AND ONLY IF you are able to get your shoulder flat on the ground and extend the left arm to lay flat on the ground. If you are not able to get your shoulder to the ground prop your left knee (the one on the foam roller) up on something higher so that you are able to rest your left shoulder on the ground.

Once in that position with your arm straight out at shoulder height go palm face up and sweep your arm along the ground into an overhead position. You may feel a stretch in the left front shoulder or chest. Then sweep the arm back gown to shoulder level, at shoulder lever go palm face down and slide your arm along the ground to your hip. Do these arms sweep a couple of times. Then repeat the full motion on the right side.

Standing T-Spine Mobility :51

Standing T-Spine mobility; Extended Back (arched) with 3 plane hip driver: Stand about a foot away from something that you can hold onto(pole, door frame, piece of equipment) Standing sideways to the pole with your right shoulder closest to the pole rotate the feet at about another 20 degrees away from the pole, so you are slightly facing away from the pole. Reach your right hand and hold on to the pole at about shoulder height (you will be pre-positioned in a transverse plane (rotated spine). Now sweep your left hand over head towards the pole. Do this a couple of times the grab the pole with your left hand as well.

Now using your hips as the driver move the hips forward and back a couple of times (sagittal plane), side to side a couple of times (frontal plane), and rotate the hips a couple of times (transvers plane) This will loosen the back and hips in all planes of motion with an extended back. Repeat on the left side.

Standing T-Spine mobility: Flexed back (curled): Stand facing the same post about a foot away. Reach your right hand across your body and grab the post at about shoulder height. Then hinge at the hips and reach your left arm under your right arm and rotate through the spine. Do these rotations a couple of times. Repeat on the left side.

Kneeling Q-Ped T-Spine Rotation :45

Kneeling Quadped T-Spine Rotation: get down on your hands and knees, 1) Place your right hand behind your head. Rotate through the spine and rotate towards the ceiling. 2) Place your right hand behind your back near your hip and do the same rotation. Repeat on the left side

Upper Back Foam Rolling :24

Foam Rolling upper back: Lay down on the ground with the foam roller under your upper back at about the shoulder blades. Place your hands behind your head for support. Lift your hips and use your legs to slowly roll your upper back up and down on the roller. Don’t do too low or you will start to feel in more in your stomach.

T-Spine Back Arch Over Roller :35

T-Spine back arch over roller: Do this one slow. Lay down on the ground with the roller under your upper back at about the shoulder blades. Keeping hips on the ground naturally arch your back over the roller with your hands behind your head for support.

Options 1. Let your knees drop to the right side.

Option 2. Rotate your upper shoulders to the left.

Repeat on the other side

Banded Lat Stretch :26

Band Lat. Stretch: Attach a fairly large band to a high secure anchor point. Facing the anchor place your right hand through the band and grab on to it. Take as many steps back as you need to get the band to stretch a little bit letting the right arm be pulled towards the anchor. Hinge at the hips and let the right arm get pulled towards the anchor.

You should feel the right shoulder and right side upper back start to stretch. Relax through the stretch. Option: reach the right leg back and across the body. For a deeper stretch.

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