Junior Tennis Lessons

Fun, live ball games, and mental toughness are the cornerstones of Harbor Square’s Junior Tennis Program.  The ball will always be in play (no pros feeding out of baskets with kids standing in lines).  By providing juniors with cutting edge mechanics, strategy, attitude, and physical fitness, Harbor Square creates a successful learning environment for juniors to have fun and improve their tennis skills.

Eric’s Holiday Camp

With the Holiday upon us, now is the time to sharpen your game! From December 17th to 21st, come join us for great times and great instruction! Click on the link below for more info.

Andy’s Winter League

I am very excited to run the league in-house this year and be able to oversee every match and practice. This will help ensure that the kids get more match time and are playing the proper level of competition.

Upcoming Events

  • Junior Tennis Lessons
  • Eric’s Holiday Camp
  • Andy’s Winter League