As we approach December, the weather changes and temperatures drop. While it’s an exciting time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, it also brings an influx of colds and flus. And while we all know that getting more rest, supplementing with Vitamin C and zinc, and taking care of ourselves on a regular basis can aid in the fight to keep our immune system strong, did you know that there are some common behaviors that can increase your chances of getting sick?

Let’s go over a few of these everyday behaviors that are possibly increasing your chances of getting sick:

  1. getting sickStressing out: Multiple studies support the damaging effect stress can have on your immune system. Odds are, if you’re regularly experiencing stress, you probably are increasing your chances of getting sick. Make sure that work isn’t taking precedence over social outings and quality time with friends and family. It also might be time for you to sign up for a new workout class or finally do some yoga!
  2. Staying inside: Colder weather calls for bundled-up couch time and Netflix-filled nights. But it also can lead to increased isolation and a lack of Vitamin D. When we stay inside more, we aren’t connecting with friends and staying as active. We also might be reaching for less nutrient-dense foods and sabotaging our fitness plan as a result.
  3. Eating comfort foods: We love foods that provide comfort, especially in the winter, but these foods usually are lacking in essential nutrients. A diet that lacks diversity, especially when it comes to green vegetables, is one common behavior that increases your chances of getting sick. Experiment in the kitchen to avoid this tendency. You might be amazed at how easy it is to find comfort in veggie-packed soups, stews, and dishes!

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