Do you struggle with overeating? Don’t worry—you aren’t alone. There are millions of tasty options and tempting desserts, and fast-food restaurants on almost every corner. Food tastes good and has an emotional component. Eating usually makes us happy, and we tend to indulge when we’re stressed, tired or socializing. And let’s face it, we need to eat to survive.

But we also need to keep our eating under control and find a balance. If overeating has become all-consuming and is causing emotional, physical and/or relational distress, it’s important to seek out professional help. There are professionals specifically trained to help when overeating becomes too much for you to handle.

Overeating Tips To Help You Get Back in Control

  1. overeating tipsBe mindful: Become more mindful when you’re eating. In other words, slow down and take a moment to smell, taste and experience the food. When you “mindfully eat,” you’re more likely to realize that you’re full and don’t need to eat anymore. Mindful eaters on average have fewer weight problems and issues with food.
  2. Get moving: Often when we’re overeating, we don’t realize it until the damage is done. This is why “be mindful” is the first tip. But if mindfulness doesn’t work for you, don’t beat yourself up. Guilt won’t lose the calories for you. Instead, increase your activity level for the next few days to help compensate. Opt for some higher intensity sessions or strength-training moves. While we can’t out-exercise our eating habits, exercise is important in maintaining and losing weight. Also, exercise can help keep our appetite in check to prevent overeating.
  3. Fill up on healthy options: If you have a tendency to overeat, try to plan ahead and prepare for those times by filling up on healthy options. For example, if you know that you tend to overeat on Friday nights once your weekend has begun, start drinking more water throughout the day and eating fibrous foods or foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruit. Incorporate protein and healthy fats to keep your appetite in control as well.
  4. Have a plan B: In the Friday night example above, not only can you fill up on healthy options, but you also can sign up for a group exercise class after work or opt for a social activity that involves exercise, such as a hike with friends. This burst in physical activity can help you be more mindful of your eating habits afterward and keep your appetite in check!

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