At the beginning of the year, you pledged to start exercising and eating healthy. Although your journey to a better you hasn’t always been easy, you’ve persevered. However, you’re worried about sticking to your new program during the upcoming holiday season. The mere thought of falling off the wagon and undoing your good work nearly sends you into a panic attack. If you can relate to this bothersome scenario, don’t despair. Consider adhering to the following 5 easy ways to stay fit this holiday season.

Be a Brick and Mortar Shopper

If you desire to stay in shape during the holidays, you might want to complete more of your shopping on Black Friday than Cyber Monday. Interestingly, you can burn some serious calories while shopping at brick and mortar establishments. To make the most of your shopping excursions, you might wish to:

  • Park in the furthest parking space from your desired destination
  • Complete power walking laps around the mall
  • Do triceps dips utilizing a vacant mall bench
  • Do biceps curls with heavy, shopping bags
  • Return stray shopping carts in the parking lot to their rightful places
  • Avoid the mall elevator or escalator in favor of the stairs

Get Festive with Decorations

stay fitHave you only sparsely decorated your home for the holidays for the past several years? If you can’t even remember where most of your decorations are located, your longing to stay in shape should motivate you to get festive this year. Putting up, and taking down, holiday decorations is a great way to burn calories. A few of the means to raise your heart rate while beautifying your home this holiday season include:

  • Hanging lights on the outside of your house
  • Planting seasonal flowers in your front yard
  • Trekking to the woods, or a Christmas tree farm, to chop down the perfect tree

Eat Before Your Party

Does your calendar contain numerous holiday parties you must attend over the next several weeks? If you know the events you will be attending will revolve around calorie laden, tempting foods, strive to eat a healthy snack or small meal before you leave home. By eating before your parties, you won’t feel hungry. Therefore, you’ll be less likely to consume sausage balls, cheeses, chocolate candy, and other delectable, diet-derailing treats.

Put in More Time at the Gym

Besides being tempted by unhealthy foods, you might also feel extremely stressed during the holiday season. To combat both of these issues, consider putting in more time at the gym. Exercising more will help you burn off the calories from the occasional holiday treat. And, working out is a great way to annihilate stress.

Start Some New, Healthy Traditions

One of the best ways to stay fit during the holidays is to start some new, healthy traditions. For instance, you might always cook a deep fried turkey, sweet potato soufflé, and green bean casserole for Thanksgiving Day. To make this traditional meal healthier, you could prepare a roasted turkey breast, baked sweet potatoes topped with cinnamon and toasted walnuts, and steamed green beans. Perhaps the family always watches football all afternoon on Christmas Day. Instead of watching football on television, your family could divide into teams and play a game of flag football in the backyard.

If you’ve worked diligently to get healthier this year, you might be desperate for ways to stay fit during the upcoming holiday season. While sometimes challenging, controlling your weight during the holidays isn’t impossible. To maintain your svelte figure, adhere to the aforementioned 5 tips.

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