Staying healthy and active is important at any age, yet more than 13 million seniors are obese. No matter what age or physical condition you are in, there are many ways to get in shape and stay in shape to stay fit as you age. Here are six strategies to get you started. 

Ways To Stay Fit as You Age

  1. Commit to cardio – Cardiovascular exercise can get you in shape and keep you fit for life. In your 30’s and 40’s, plan to perform 30-40 minutes of exercise at least four time a week. Running, jogging, swimming, cycling, or playing a team sport all work well to get you moving and get your heart pumping. In your 50s, keep up your existing routine or switch to brisk walking or yoga, which are gentler on the joints than running. 
  2. Include strength training – Strength training is important for all bodies by helping your muscles retain their strength throughout the decades. As you age, muscles can lose their tone,  and you may appear flabbier as a result. Strength training can help you maintain muscle mass and bone density — and keep off the pounds. Work with a trainer at your gym to develop a strength training circuit that’s appropriate for your age, keeps you challenged, and helps you stay fit as you age. 
  3. stay fit as you ageAdd flexibility and stretching to your routine – Stretching is great for your muscles at any age by counteracting tightness. If you have a desk job, simply adding a stretching routine can combat chronic muscle tension associated with sitting all day. As you age, stretching and flexibility help maintain your range of motion, and can even prevent strain injuries. 
  4. Eat Mindfully – Eating whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, good fats, and good proteins, will help you stay fit as you age by giving your body the nutrients it needs to support your exercise goals.
  5. Keep up your good habits throughout life’s changes – By watching what you eat, spending time stretching and strength training, and getting your heart rate up through cardiovascular activity, you have laid the groundwork to stay fit as you age. To maintain your physique, keep up these good habits, even when times get busy or life throws a curveball at you. 
  6. Find a buddy – When you have a fitness buddy to exercise with, it’s easier to be accountable to your workout schedule. If you don’t show up and give the workout your best, your buddy knows it. It’s like insurance that all the steps you’re taking will pay off. Plus, it can help you stay social and active in your community.

Our trainers can develop custom workout routines for gym clients of any age. No matter how old you are, or what shape you are in, getting fit is a matter of developing a comprehensive plan, and then committing to following through and implementing these lifestyle changes. 

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