Sure, it’s easy to eat healthy when you’re cooking fresh produce at home. But what about when you’re on the go? If you give up and head for fast food any time you are busy with work or life, you will wreck any progress you’re making at the gym. Today, we’ve got 7 tips for healthy eating on the go that will help you stick with your wellness resolutions no matter where life takes you.

7 Tips for Healthy Eating On the Go

  1. healthy eating on the goStock up on healthy snacks, and portion them out – When you have healthy snacks at home, you won’t be tempted to go for the candy bar. Stock up on fresh and dried fruits, roasted nuts and seeds, and protein bars. Then keep a stash of healthy snacks in your usual places, so you’re never too far from healthy food.
  2. Plan ahead – When you know you are coming up on a stressful period, plan grocery shopping, cooking, and menus ahead of time. When you post a list on the fridge so you know what you’re making when, you’re less likely to order food delivered.
  3. Make a week’s worth of lunch Sunday night – Lunch can be one of the trickiest meals for healthy eaters, as it’s difficult to find tasty and healthy prepared food. If you can find an extra hour Sunday night to spend making lunches for the week, you’ll be less stressed about eating healthy. Try roasting vegetables (and legumes), making a big batch of quinoa chili, or slicing veggies for salad so each day’s lunch is easy (and healthy).
  4. Make educated decisions when snacking – When you’re purchasing a snack, read the nutrition labels and ingredients so you know what you’re eating. Make an informed choice among the options at the airport or convenience store. It’s not the healthiest snack – but it’s the best of the options at hand.
  5. Cook a little extra for the freezer – When you’ve set aside the time to cook, it’s easy enough to double the recipe or even just make a little extra. Turn the extra into freezer meals, portioning out one serving into a freezer-safe container, so you can “grab and go” next time you need a healthy lunch or dinner.
  6. Gather take– out menus so you know where to get a healthy snack when you need it – If you know what’s around work or home, then you’ll have an easier time picking up something healthy when you’re strapped for time. Take a long walk (boosting your fitness) and gather menus in the process. Keep some at home, in the car, and at the office so you’re never too far from healthy food you can dial in.

These 7 tips for healthy eating on the go will keep you sane and svelte when traveling for business or pleasure, enduring a busy period at work, running the kids around town, and working through curveballs life throws at you. If you have other tips for healthy eating on the go, let us know in the comments.

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