Diet Brackets

Fad Diets, Counting Calories, Fasting, Juicing, High Protein, Low Fat, Whole Foods, No Carbs, Low Carbs… No wonder we are overwhelmed, discouraged and numb to the latest or greatest health trends around us. We are sick of yo-yos and bandwagons.

Yet, we want to be healthier. We want to know what is real and helpful when it comes to nutrition and our overall wellness. How do we discern the peaceful, clear route amidst the crooked chaos of information? How can we stay grounded while the madness of different health messages suck the courage to try something new or better away?

We are individuals with beautiful, unique stories that make us all wonderfully human. We have body strengths and weaknesses. We all have tendencies and traumas that make our approaches to health and wellness complicated. There aren’t actual quick fixes out there that thoroughly address our whole selves and our whole eating. To thoroughly, holistically address our nutrition– we need to patiently understand that it is a journey of self discovery and true lasting change is slow. Committed to our self -care, personal change takes time. The whirling madness of all the messages can start to fade away. Clarity and confidence can begin to replace the confusion. Caring for our nutrition is worth every attempt, every shaky step forward. An educated, understanding of nutrition and altered behavior are the variables that see us through to lasting change and results. These are the components that help us change and keep changing, improving our health.

If you could address one aspect of your nutrition today, what would it be? If you want to know what to eat– reach out and we can help you learn about healthier choices. If it is how much to eat (portions) and/or when, reach out and we can help you think through your eating routines. Your body craves consistent, scheduled eating. If you need encouragement, accountability, or a program that could both educate and empower you to increase your wellness, reach out.

Don’t be a victim to the madness of diet fads and social pressures to conform to some quick fix that doesn’t delve deep enough to make you actually healthier. Instead, recognize that you are a beautiful, complex human and you can reach your hand up and be cared for, walked with in this amazing journey that we are all on, the path to a better, healthier person. Wellness not Madness.

Balanced Habits is a lifestyle program that journeys one on one with you through being educated in science based nutrition. Your wellness is worth your attention. We are ready to help. Please reach out to our concierge at 425-778-3546 xt 123 to make an appointment for a free consultation with a food coach.

Trisha Wilerson