You always pass the sauna when you go to the gym, but it seems more like decor than a valuable part of your gym session. But it’s worth changing your gym routine to fit in a sauna session because it boosts your workout session and provides awesome benefits to your body.

Sauna Benefits to Workouts

sauna benefitsSure, the sauna seems hot and uncomfortable, especially after you’re already sweaty with a raised heartbeat after your training session. But when you hit that hot air after using your muscles, you’ll gain some benefits from increased blood pumping the heat causes. An after-workout sauna session can relieve some of the soreness in your muscles and help your body relax. There is also evidence of better endurance from sauna use at the end of a workout.

Boost Your Health

You won’t be able to maximize your time at the gym if you have a cold or certain type of health condition. Sitting in the sauna can help your body be healthier in numerous ways, so you’ll be able to continue hitting those machines and free weights. Sauna time is associated with releasing toxins, cutting down on the risk of a cold and improving symptoms of asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis and chronic fatigue. Nonetheless, you should get your doctor’s okay first if you have a health condition.

Timing Is Everything

Be sure to get the right timing for your sauna session – when you use it along with a workout, you want to get your steam session in after the exercise, not before. Using the sauna before the workout could actually counteract your exercise goals and benefits. Going in advance causes your body to release more sweat while you train, but you won’t be burning more calories. When you lose so much fluid before and during the workout, you’re likely to get dehydrated from exercising. In addition, the sauna session will relax your muscles and mind too much for a quality workout. You could end up injuring your muscles and prevent your mind and body from being at the top of your game. So keep the steam session at the end of your workout to maximize your sauna benefits.

Use Saunas Wisely

Just like with your workouts, there are some safety considerations to keep in mind when you use a sauna. Even though you’re surrounded by steam in the sauna, the heat can make the experience dehydrating – this is especially negative after you’ve lost water through sweat during exercise. But all you need to do is drink fluids during your workout and before your sauna session, and then have two to four glasses of water when you emerge from the sauna to rehydrate your body.

The next time you hit the gym, schedule in about a half hour of sauna time for the end of your workout. See if you experience health benefits after regularly making it a part of your routine. Just don’t forget to rehydrate afterward!

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