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Get fitness ideas

The goal of the Bridge Program is to give you continued fitness ideas to maintain the momentum of the 60-Day Challenge.

Get great value

You’ll get tips, suggested workouts, and fitness resources bi-weekly. We want to provide you great value.

Exercises to continue to incorporate:

Be sure to be consistent with adding these movements from the 60-Day Challenge.

Functional Five (v1) 2:30

Version One of the functional five. Movements to prepare you for exercise or whatever activity you’re about to participate in!

Functional Five (v2) 4:00

The second version of the functional five. Mix this with version one to amplify your warm-up progression. Great to do this before any activity!

Body Weight Routine 11:17

View a video that our trainer, Chelsea, did for the 60-Day Challenge. It is a body weight progression. You’ll have options when you’re away from the club.

“Bridge” activities to challenge yourself with:

Every two weeks (bi-weekly), there will be “Bridge” activities for you to try and accomplish. Check off that you completed each activity for a chance to be eligible for the program’s final drawing for a fun prize (downloadable PDF link below). Completed sheets should be turned into drop box found on a table by the front desk of HSAC.

Activity Sheet 6/26 to 7/9

Nutrition Challenges – #1

June 26 – July 9

For these first two-weeks, the goal is to maintain some simple habits. Part of every great health lifestyle plan is a foundation of solid habits.
  • Drink at least one glass of water when you wake up and one before dinner.

  • For each lunch, have your protein serving double your carbohydrate serving.

As with the nutrition challenges, the goal is to get you a solid base to work from to keep you progress moving in the right direction. Try these activities:
  • Complete the “Functional Five” (either version), prior to each workout.

  • In a 5 min span, see how far you can go in distance (treadmill, bike, rower, elliptical, etc.). Record your time and try to go further (with good form) in three subsequent attempts.

  • Accumulate at least 2 minutes of planking per day.

Fitness “Movement” Challenges – #1

June 26 – July 9