Can an Acupuncture Treatment Help with my Workouts?

Acupuncture is a popular modality among professional athletes

Acupuncture treatment, an over 5000-year-old traditional medicine has been used throughout the ages for everything from improving the immune system, to helping calm anxiety, providing a more peaceful slumber and countless musculoskeletal applications. Today acupuncture is used to not only treat illness and health concerns but also work towards preventing them. This is the case in the sports medicine community. All you need to do is flip the pages of any popular health magazine or sports news site to learn that professional athletes around the world make use of regular acupuncture to help from everything from aches and pains to back and neck pain to more serious issues such as tendonitis, sprains, and strains. Let’s take a look at how adding acupuncture to your health routine could help you make better gains throughout your workouts.

How an acupuncture treatment can help improve your exercise routine & prevent injury

  1. The old adage, “no pain, no gain” is a bit passé. The American Journal of Chinese medicine looked at how acupuncture treatments could improve lactic acid buildup in elite basketball players. They found that acupuncture after workouts was clinically useful to help facilitate metabolic waste removal from the body while reducing the commonly associated pain response from working out.
  2. Good news for those of you who like their intense workouts. Acupuncture administration following intense workouts has been shown to accelerate recovery by reducing soreness and improving the way we use oxygen to heal muscle tissue. Along with improved lactic acid removal, both pre- and post-workout acupuncture helps improve VO2 max- the volume of oxygen we use while working out- this is just one of the pro-cardiovascular effects acupuncture elicits for athletes and exercise enthusiasts.
  3. Because acupuncture has the ability to signal inflammatory biochemicals from the body, many people report less joint tenderness following acupuncture. The result may be improved flexibility in the gym.
  4. After an intense workout, we are all familiar with the muscle tightness or spasms that may result. Acupuncture is useful to help relax soft tissues, improving not only your physical gains, but your mental as well. If you feel better, the chances of you sticking to your exercise routine will likely improve! Along with its ability to help improve athletic performance, acupuncture is a reliable modality used to help enhance sleep, mood, and immunity. Along with enough rest, hydration and personalized nutrition, acupuncture can be part of a balanced workout routine to maintain everyday wellbeing.
  5. Because of its ability to remove metabolic waste, reduce inflammation and improve tissue health, acupuncture is a safe, effective alternative to strong medications and cortisone shots following sports or gym-related injury. Issues such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, ankle sprains, pinched nerves and sciatic issues all respond favorably to regular acupuncture. Your rate of recovery will be sped up getting you back to your gym routine faster!

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