Tennis classes come in all shapes and sizes, much like the students who seek to master this sport. From beginner skills to nearly pro level, young or old, child or adult, wanting to work on a specific skill or looking for general overall fitness, there’s a tennis class for that. Tennis is one of a handful of sports that can be played by people of all ages, from the very young child to the senior citizen, and places offering tennis lessons recognize the need for a variety of classes designed to meet students where they are and get them to where they want to be in this sport.

tennis classOne of the more popular trends sweeping through the world of tennis today is cardio tennis classes, combining instruction on improving techniques with aspects of a fun, high energy fitness class. These are group classes for anyone that wants to tie tennis in with getting a great cardio workout through interval training.  These are adult classes with a little something for everyone at every skill level, with more of an emphasis on getting in shape in a fun, social setting rather than concentrating on the more serious or competitive aspects of the game.

For those adults or teens that want to improve a specific technique or are into the more serious aspects of tennis, classes are also offered specific skill levels, both for individuals and for groups. Players new to the sport can learn the basics of how to hold the racquet, technique for basic swings, such as forehand, backhand, and serve, and some basic stances and footwork.

Intermediate classes move the player into more specific ways to hone the various swing techniques and will begin to get the player into playing matches and sets, learning the unique scoring system that could probably take up a lesson by itself with its convoluted mix of words and numbers. As players become more advanced, tennis classes become more specific in targeting particular skills, and will involve more instruction on strategies designed to help the player dominate on the tennis courts.

All of these classes described so far are geared more for adults than children, but the little ones aren’t left out when it comes to learning this sport for all ages. Children as young as three and four years old can find a tennis class to get them started with this sport. In these cases, the emphasis is more on the fun and less on the competitive side of the sport, and instructors often mix in lessons on sportsmanship and social skills along with the basics of tennis.

Whatever your interest or skill level, recreational or competitive, there’s a tennis class that can help you get to the next level in your game. And once you’ve gotten to be the player you always wanted to be, this is a sport you can indulge in for the rest of your life.

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