Dues During Closure

By June 13, 2020 Club News

Harbor Square Athletic Club will not be charging dues at all during PHASE 2. You will only pay for services you are utilizing. Once the club is able to open for PHASE 3, members will receive 2 weeks FREE of dues, due to HSAC closing on March 13. We will then resume billing as normal.

Example: During Phase 2 you will only pay for your personal training sessions or small group training sessions. MUV members will receive the rest of June for free. IF we are still in Phase 2 in July, MUV members will pay per class usage. IF we are in PHASE 3, MUV billing will resume as normal.

Tennis Members
Tennis Members will receive the rest of June for free due to HSAC closing on March 13. Tennis Members will be billed as normal starting July 1.