Enneagram Workshop with Freya Kennedy

Intro Classes

Friday March 6th at 6:30pm

Are you ready to start understanding “the why” behind how you act, think, and feel in the world? In our desire to serve the whole person, we are offering an introductory class to the Enneagram; a self-awareness, and transformational typology. You are more than just your personality! The Enneagram is a complex tool empowering you to become an objective student of yourself and uncover the specific habits and traits of your “false self”. You will learn a basic understanding of the Nine Personality Archetypes and begin your own journey towards your True Self.

Classes will be held in the Conference Room at 6:30pm.

$20 For This 60-Min Intro Class

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Instructor Bio:

Freya Kennedy is a local Enneagram Advisor, wife, mother and friend to many. In her own quest for wholeness, she discovered the Enneagram and has been consumed with learning more about how this powerful tool can help us find personal freedom.

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