Group Family Picture

Harbor Square loves seeing families staying active together.

When our youngest members aren’t quite old enough for their own memberships and feel a little too old for the kidZone, what is available for them? Kids are always welcome to use the racquetball courts, basketball courts, and swim during “family swim” or lifeguard hours (children must be attended by an adult member when participating in these activities). If you get a little tired of these sports in and of themselves, our fitness director, Levi Diggs, has some suggestions for fun games to play with your kids in the gym.

As a parent of two kids, I, of course, want the best for them and I want them to live healthy lives. I think one of the best things I can do for my kids health is be healthy myself and model good habits. Without prompting, our kids watch me and my wife either run on the treadmill or lift weights and they tell us they want to do exercise as well. However, cardio and weights are not the only options to stay healthy. Maybe it’s a walk in the woods, creating a fun obstacle course that you can do togeth-er, or simply shooting hoops or playing racquetball. If you make your lifestyle more healthy and fun, your kids will want to do the same. Get out there and try something new with your kids:

Deck of Cards

This can be done in groups or individually. Write on a piece of paper a different type of exercise and match them to each suit in the deck of cards. Hearts, spades, etc. represents sit-ups, burpees, jumping jacks, pushups, etc. Have a deck of cards at the end of the room. At your signal, one representative of each group runs to draw a card and returns to the team. Everyone has to do the type of exercise repre-sented by the suit of the card and as many reps as the number given on the card. Ace is 1, and face cards are 10. Set a certain amount of time and the team who completes the most cards at the end of the time is the winner. (We have cards available with the racquets on the shelf at court 1).

Line Tag

Using the lines of the gym floor, choose a couple of people to be “it”. Their goal is to tag the other players. Spread out on the lines of the gym and have people who are “it” chase the players while staying on the lines. If a player is tagged, they must sit down and become a roadblock for other players, but “it” players may go around roadblocks. No jumping from line to line, and the last players left untagged become “it” for the next round of play.

Hot Lava

Set up several objects big enough to land on and close enough to jump from one to the other, across a 10-15 yard distance. Try and leap from one object to the next without touching off the object to get to the other side.
Single-leg balance touch and jump: Standing on one foot, touch down to the ground and jump up. Land on the same foot without losing balance and repeat 15 times. Repeat on the other side.