Chances are good that you are one of millions Americans who reflect on the past year and make it a goal to change certain aspects of their lives through New Year’s resolutions. And one of the top resolutions made by Americans every year is a Fitness New Year’s Resolution, which is typically to lose weight or to improve their overall health.
Its estimated that about 45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but according to research by the University of Scranton only 8 percent of people actually attain their resolutions. Because so many people fail at achieving their goals, let’s find out the secrets behind the success of the 8 percent of people who reach their goals every year.

How To Keep Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution

  1. fitness new year's resolutionKeep It Short and Simple: When making your fitness New Year’s resolution, don’t get too ambitious. As amazing as it may be to aspire to lose 100 pounds, it is probably not very realistic. Make sure you also keep the list short. The reality is that we have many different priorities in our lives; if you set too many goals, it can be very overwhelming.
  2. Make It Measurable: It‘s not a good idea to make a fitness New Year’s resolution that says “lose some weight.” You need to make sure you aim for something tangible and more definite, such as “lose one pound every week.” The more defined your resolution, the more parameters you give yourself and the more likely you are to join the 8 percent who reach their goals.
  3. Make It Viewable: As you reach little victories, find a way to chart them. This may feel a little childish, but if you achieve your resolution, then who cares? Its like having a to-do list; when you cross something off, it‘s a liberating feeling. If youre losing weight, make a checkmark on your calendar every time you lose a pound. This will give you a sense of achievement along the way and encourage you to stick with your goal.
  4. Make It Your Own: Don’t make a fitness New Year’s resolution just because your friend is making one. Although having a friend keeps you accountable, if his or her goal isn’t something that you actually want to do yourself, then it isn’t going to happen. The purpose of a fitness New Year’s resolution is to make improvements in your own life, not to help your friend improve his or hers. Think about what youve done this year that you would like to do differently next year. If a friend wants to join you on the ride, even better; but do it for yourself.
  5. Keep a Good Attitude: Goals can be hard to reach. You probably have a thousand obligations and a million and one things on your calendar, but its important to keep a good attitude about your fitness New Year’s resolution. As corny as it sounds, you have to believe that you can do it. Much of keeping a goal is what you tell yourself when youre tired or overwhelmed and you feel like theres no way you could possibly go to the gym, or when you just want to get fast food because you have no energy to go home and cook a decent meal. Just remember: You can do it!

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