If developing a new fitness habit is important to you this year, it makes sense that you need to make it a priority in your daily life. After all, grooving new behavior takes practice, discipline, and consistency.

 So, looking for some actionable ways to prioritize your new healthy habits? Check out some of our fave suggestions below.

3 Ways to Fit More Fitness Into 2018

Fitness Priority

1) Swap screen time for sweat time.

Instead of hitting “next episode” during your next Netflix and Chill session, why not cue up an at home yoga session instead? You can also try stretching or doing self-myofascial release techniques with a lacrosse ball or foam roller during commercial breaks.

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2) Schedule your gym sessions.

At the beginning of every week, sit down with your calendar and pencil in the specific times you’ll be headed to the gym, a fitness class, or even out for a run. Seeing it written on paper helps remind you how important your new fitness habit is to you and can help you build a pattern of sustainability.
Just be sure to commit to these sessions the same way you would any other appointment.

3) Walk more.

It may sound trite, but taking more steps throughout your day can truly benefit you. Beyond just burning some extra calories, the extra daily movement can remind you to stay active (and may even help work off some muscle soreness after a tough day at the gym!).

Strategies to try:
– Yes, take the stairs and park far away from your building.
– Walk during your lunch breaks or even after dinner (this can even help with digestion).
– Drink more water. How will this help you move more? Two words: bathroom break!

Have any other favorite tips for staying more active in your day-to-day life? Let us know about it in the comments below!