Ever walked on sand and thought, this is difficult? It’s the truth! Sand is definitely harder to walk on than a firm surface; it presents an even greater challenge with movements such as running or jumping. The good news: You’ll experience awesome benefits if you move your workout to this soft surface! Let’s go over three of the perks of sand so that the next time you’re at the beach or passing a playground you can kick off your shoes and hit the sand running. (Literally!)

  • Major calorie burn: Maneuvering in sand recruits more muscle fibers than training on flat surfaces thanks to the shifting foundation underneath you. Your nervous system has to constantly react, helping you balance, adjust and move forward. Studies reveal a staggering increase (45-50 percent more) in calorie burn when training on sand than compared with training the same way on hard surfaces!
  • Less impact: The sand helps absorb some of the shock that your body would normally experience when moving on solid ground. Less impact means less wear and tear, helping you avoid possible injuries and post-workout soreness.
  • Boredom buster: Our bodies hit plateaus. Changing up our fitness environments, like training on sand, keeps these plateaus at bay and helps make our workouts interesting.

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