There are two things that will always be around: eating and emotions. You have to eat in order to live, and as a human, you’re going to experience emotions. But when these two constants are paired together, it can become quite a challenging combination!

It’s time to break up with emotional eating if you want to improve your health and fitness. It’s a difficult habit to break. But fortunately, it’s a habit that’s been learned and, as a result, it can be un-learned.

Here are three tips to help you break up this sticky relationship.

  • Choose tea or water initially to destress: While difficult at first, this is a really effective tactic that can help loosen the grip of emotional eating. When we hydrate, especially with warm liquids like hot tea, it helps us feel full more quickly, and it takes some time to consume. This time lapse can allow your emotions to subside and lessen the urge to grab something unhealthy.
  • Avoid trigger situations: There are certain people, experiences and situations that can trigger your eating habits. This can occur when we scroll through social media posts, spend time with toxic friends or are in situations that cause too much stress. Is there a way to shift your focus? Can you spend less time with these triggers and replace them with more positive moments? While you can’t avoid every situation, it’s important to make a conscious effort to reduce the exposure time.
  • Find something new: Learning a new skill, trying out a hobby you haven’t done before or signing up for a different activity can help broaden your coping skills, especially when dealing with certain emotions. It gives your brain signals that you can break the patterns and negative routines such as emotional eating. This also helps decrease stress and alleviates symptoms like anxiety and sadness that might be leading to emotional eating habits.

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