It’s the truth: We all want to save money buying healthy food. When you’re buying healthy food, you often are going to spend more money because of the difference in quality. This is often the reason people choose less healthy options. But there are ways to save money when you want to eat right and take care of yourself. Save your bucks and feed your body the best!

  • Shop for produce in season: You’ll spend more money for foods out of season that have to be shipped to you from afar.
  • Utilize your freezer: When healthy foods are on sale, stock up and freeze what you don’t use at the time. Purchase organic frozen berries or other fruits and stash them in the freezer for later before they rot.
  • Avoid individual packages: Buy in bulk, especially when it comes to healthy food such as oatmeal and quinoa. You’ll save money, and often you’ll find that the simple bulk version is without the added sugar and sodium of individually wrapped choices.

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