I love chips! How about you? This is one snack food that I tend to eat far too much of and have trouble avoiding. So instead of ignoring my deep love for chips, I’ve tried to find the healthiest chips to satisfy my craving and keep guilt at bay (and my waistline from growing).

Here are few guidelines to help you be an informed consumer on your hunt for the healthiest chips. Many are supported by registered dieticians and nutrition experts as well.

  1. Avoid when hungry: This is a basic rule to follow even when you aren’t purchasing chips. If you need to go grocery shopping, try to avoid the store if you’re really hungry, or you run the risk of impulse buying and caving into temptation. Chips aren’t usually filling unless they contain a high level of fiber and protein, so you’re better off choosing whole foods and a well-balanced meal instead when hunger strikes!
  2. Read labels: Turn the bag over and read the label. Can you actually pronounce the ingredients? Opt for chips that have fewer ingredients and are void of artificial flavors, sweeteners and colors. And if sugar is listed as the first ingredient, put the bag down and slowly walk away.
  3. Check the serving size: Can you eat 45 pieces in one serving or only three? It’s crucial to pay attention to the serving size to make sure you can actually enjoy more than a few chips and don’t end up eating your entire daily quantity of calories in one sitting.
  4. Measure out your serving: Avoid opening the bag and eating in front of the television. Measure out your desired serving and put it into a small bowl to avoid eating too much.
  5. Find healthy “alternatives”: There are a lot of alternative chips like bean chips, veggie chips and quinoa chips. These options often contain a bit of fiber and protein as well. Just read the label and enjoy snacking!

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