Just because the air is more crisp doesn’t mean you have to stay inside to exercise! These intense and creative footwork drills make for a perfect outdoor workout option.

Try This, Fancy Feet: Four Footwork Drills for Your Next Workout

These footwork drills can help increase your agility, speed, ankle stability, and coordination, besides serving as a great high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session:

footwork drills outdoors1) Speed Step Ups

In short: step up, step down, and do it fast! Make sure you get both feet on the step (or curb) before stepping back down. Check out this video for some pointers.

2) Scissor Jumps

Start in a lunge position with your back knee kissing the floor and your front knee directly over your foot. Jump up, switch your legs in the air, and then land back in a lunge with the opposite foot ahead.
This video offers a helpful how-to.

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3) Lateral Hops

This one is great for building ankle stability and body awareness. As a beginner move, start with your feet together and knees slightly bent, then make quick small hops from left to right. As a progression, try doing it on one foot.

4) High Knees

The old standby for high school sports practice, a quick Tabata of high knees (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, x 8) can be done literally anywhere. Check out this video for some pointers.
For a good challenge, try stringing them together in a workout, using this protocol:
– Perform as many step ups as possible in 30 seconds
– Perform as many scissor jumps as possible in 30 seconds
– Perform as many two-legged lateral hops as possible in 30 seconds
– Perform as many high knees as possible in 30 seconds
– Rest for 30 seconds, and repeat the sequence x4

Give the workout a try on the next chilly Autumn day and let us know how it goes!