There are many different health benefits to staying physically fit. Those who regularly exercise or participate in sports find that they are healthier, have a higher stamina and enjoy living a fit and happy life. Just about any sport offers participants the opportunity to stay healthy and fit. However, staying healthy is so much more fun when you select a sport you enjoy playing. Many have discovered that playing tennis is not only fun but also good for their overall health and fitness levels. Health benefits can be enjoyed by both those who play competitively and those who only play tennis a few times a week.

4 Major Benefits of Playing Tennis

playing tennisBurns calories

Those who play competitive tennis tend to burn more calories than they would during aerobics, cycling or inline skating. The aerobic benefits of tennis, even when only playing a few times a week, can help assist with burning of excess fat and improving overall cardiovascular health. Many competitive and non-competitive players experience higher energy levels when they regularly play tennis. Those who play anywhere from one to two hours of tennis a week will notice an increase in energy and when doing so, intervals will offer them optimal improvement in their cardiovascular health.

Builds strength

Playing tennis helps build up and strengthen many of the muscles in the body. Those who regularly play tennis will find they have stronger muscles in the upper body, legs and arms. Tennis helps build strength and stamina when performing other day-to-day activities. Playing tennis can also help strengthen the bones and build up bone density. This will help those players who start at a young age reduce their chances of suffering from osteoporosis as they age.

Increases immune system

Being more active and improving a person’s overall health and fitness levels can help make the immune system stronger. Tennis players don’t suffer from as many diseases because their immune system is more resistant than those who do not play tennis or get in any physical activity in during a week.

Reduces Risks

Those who participate in a game of tennis for at least three hours a week can significantly cut the risks of suffering from a long list of diseases. This also cuts the risk of death from these diseases by almost half. Those who play tennis reduce the chances of developing heart disease or having a stroke.

Those who regularly play tennis will find that over time their health and fitness levels improve. Health benefits can be experienced with as little as three hours of play a week. Meaning that those who play competitively and those who casually play a game here and there can enjoy the health benefits from the sport.

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