Balancing The Holiday

The holiday season is in full affect, especially at Costco, with Christmas decorations already being sold! Where did the time go? We have had some amazing results with our Balanced Habits 28 day Kick Starters this past month! Those that really embraced the program have found a new balance with food that they can carry on throughout this holiday season. If you didn’t get the opportunity to do Kick Start, don’t worry! You always have the opportunity to sign up for our Life program. Our “Lifers” are getting real, life changing results! The “Life” program is founded on the same principle of balanced eating with weekly one on one help from a supportive food coach. So, let’s think about how you want to ring in the New Year. Why not step into the New Year feeling your best, with confidence, instead of waiting for it? Life is short and there is no guarantee for tomorrow. Start today and let us help you navigate the holidays. There is NOTHING off limits with this lifestyle plan, but ways to achieve balance.

Listen to what some of our participants have to say about their experience with Balanced Habits!

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“”I like Balanced Habits because I find the program simple and easy to adapt to my personal tastes. There is literally nothing that I am forbidden to eat, as long as I incorporate it into a meal and not go crazy with the portions. After a few months I have found my energy level to be higher and more consistent and that makes it a lot easier to stay on the program.Finally, I cannot argue with the results. I have consistently lost weight over the last few months and I have no reason to believe that I won’t continue to do so and ultimately attain my long term goals!”

Mark R.

“I am going through a particularly busy time in my life and Balanced Habits was pretty easy to follow. I lost 3” around my waist and I feel so much better!”

Mary W.
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