What Will 2020 Hold?


Statistically, this chart represents most people, most years. With “Diet and Healthier Eating” topping the Resolutions chart, motivation most often fades and goals are often abandoned in less than 6 weeks.

What will 2020 hold? Probably the same. People clearly WANT to be healthier and resolutions are a clear signal that individually and culturally this is a problem that is begging to be solved.

What about you? Have you made a conscious decision to set a goal for yourself in the new year? Why do most resolutions lose their luster? How can YOU make resolutions that stick and are set up for success?

When it comes to healthier eating, the plan must be achievable, realistic:

• Get educated
• Get prepared, get a plan and program
• Get accountable

Are you?

• You don’t know where to start and how to approach a different way of eating. If this is you, you can take a step to learn by finding a program that will educate you on how, what, and when to eat.
• You are too busy and lack the routine and discipline in planning your eating patterns up for success.
• You have the intrinsic motivation and understanding of how, when and what to eat, but lack community and accountability. If that is you, seek people to journey with. A coach, a nutrition buddy, or a group that is learning and applying healthy eating will transform your life!

Education + Planning + Accountability = Success

At Harbor Square, we offer a program that provides all of these. With the Balanced Habits “Life” program– we teach people how, when, and what to eat. We help you plan and prepare for success. We meet with you weekly to coach you one on one. All of these variables are ready to help you succeed!

You can set goals and achieve them. Don’t do it alone! We are here for you!

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