Bowl Full Of Jelly

The holidays are filled with fun and so much food. We want to enjoy the parties, people, and eating. It is common to see these festive foods as “temptations” or something that we “treat” ourselves to. We overindulge, avoid, and dance around these foods throughout the next several weeks. This anxious and guilty holiday eating season is often a negative emotional layer to the festivities. In some cases, the internal struggle over food keeps us from allowing ourselves to enjoy events and the people we love. Yet, we don’t have to experience holiday eating this way. We can approach fancy dinners and festive food differently. We can approach and experience the holidays and its food with peace and intentionality.

You can choose to eat certain foods on purpose with no guilt, but with intentionality—knowing that you are embracing an educated and empowered way to eat. Rather than a reaction to the foods around you, a proactive approach to eat good food that fuels your body best. You can have fun, eat delicious food, and not leave the eating or the event with guilt.

At Harbor Square, we have been working towards this way of eating through our newly adopted lifestyle program called Balanced Habits. In the last several months, members have been learning how to eat, when to eat, and, yes, learning how to include these upcoming holiday delights in their plans! I have loved seeing members feel educated in their eating. Their growing confidence and intentional food choices lead to personal eating empowerment; where they can choose foods with freedom and peace, while shedding familiar food guilt and extra weight.

Want to know more about Balanced Habits and how you can get coached through a personalized lifestyle food plan? Reach out to me and I will set you up with one of our knowledgeable Food Coaches. We can successfully map a fun and stress free holiday season together that will last well beyond New Year’s Eve. Cheers!

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