Out with the Old.
In with the New!

You may have noticed, there is a new barcode scanner at the front desk. Our recent update to the computers required new hardware, including a new barcode scanner. First of all, we have had our share of technical difficulties during this transition and just want to say “Thank you!!” for being patient and understanding with our service desk staff as we were troubleshooting the issues.

This new scanner takes a second to read a barcode and you must hold the barcode still while it scans. It will “beep” once it has successfully scanned your barcode. Secondly, we need your help keeping our club secure and efficient. Please bring your barcode with you every time you visit the gym and check-in by scanning your barcode at the front desk. This helps us keep the club secure and ensures that our staff is available to help everyone coming in as quickly as possible. Checking-in our members by name should be the exception, not the usual. It is more secure to use a barcode and takes less time. If you need a new barcode, our front desk staff will be happy to issue one for you. Just ask!

Check In Scanner