Have you considered personal training?


Maybe you aren’t even sure if it is something you “need”. The benefits of personal training are often unknown until you experience the value of working with a trainer first hand. Even just learning a few tips or implementing minor adjustments to your work out can make a big difference in your results. We recently welcomed an amazing new personal trainer to our team; Bryn Honnold.

Bryn was a competitive soccer player and track athlete. An Edmonds native, he graduated from Meadowdale High School where he participated in the Sports Medicine Program as a student athletic trainer.
He attended the University of Montana where he was a student senator and volunteered for the ALS Foundation. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Exercise Science.
Bryn has worked as a physical therapy aide and an exercise specialist. His passion is to empower and educate his clients to discover and live their fullest potential.

Bryn walks the floor daily and available to answer any questions you may have. He is also ready to help you set up your own regular training schedule or even just an assessment of how personal training can help you reach your goals this year. Feel free to ask Bryn your questions!

Schedule an appointment by contacting our concierge at
425-778-3546 xt 123