There are lots of suggestions around Valentine’s Day about things you can do to make a partner feel special. But, how about showing yourself some LOVE? Go ahead and break the chocolate mold. Treat yourself to some goodness. 

Here are 9 Ways to Celebrate Your Happy Heart

1) Get a massage.

While couples massage might sound cute, it’s easier to relax when you go it alone. Reap the full benefit of whatever technique you like and let the masseuse work their magic on your muscles and mind.

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2) Do self-myofascial release.

If getting a massage isn’t your thing, try self-myofascial release! Foam rolling and other techniques that use a stick roller or lacrosse ball can help you loosen fascia tissue and muscles to ease pain and promote mobility. It’s a free massage that can last as long as you want!

3) Read a story.

In our fast-paced culture, speed reading and skimming has become the method du jour when it comes to digesting text. Take some time alone to remind yourself how reading fiction (yes, an entire book) can be both relaxing and energizing. Studies show reading fiction can improve your athletic game!

self love

4) Seek out funny stuff.

Sense of humor is very individual. It feels great to laugh at whatever tickles you without a negative nelly telling you it’s “not that funny” or asking you to simmer down. Laughter boosts your immune system. Go to a comedy show. Watch a funny movie. Read a column or book that makes you roll on the floor giggling like a fool. Laugh yourself silly.

5) Watch your favorite movie.

Especially the one you’re embarrassed to admit liking. Whether your favorite movie makes you laugh, cry, space-out or think deep thoughts, it can feel cathartic to cuddle up on the couch in comfy clothes and let your emotions flow.

6) Play a mind game!

Brain teasers are great alone. Try a crossword, Sudoku or any other solo mental challenge. It stimulates your brain and gets your competitive juices.

7) Turn up your favorite tunes.

With no one around to propose a dance-off, you can dance and sing with abandon and let your mood-boosting endorphins run wild!

self love

8) Venture out.

Attend a paint night, drum circle, open mic night at the comedy club, museum exhibit, group exercise class…many people go solo to these events. You’ll be able to focus on the content and linger where you like, knowing the others around you share your interests.

9) Indulge your curiosity.

Have you wondered why people are attracted to matcha tea, acai berry bowls, charcoal facial masks, seaweed wraps and other foods and treatments that could boost your health? Go guilt-free shopping and take the mystery out of those wellness wonders!