Mary Larson

As a massage therapist of over 30 years, It continues to be a joy working at HSAC for the past 19 years. I am a graduate of the Swedish Institute School of Massage in New York City, and am licensed in both New York and Washington State. In the earlier part of my profession, I had the privilege of working with a New York neurologist, who was on the AMA board, to conduct a study of how massage therapy effected his patients pain levels. It was a study that nationally changed how the medical profession viewed massage. The study concluded that massage therapy works!

The modalities I use are Swedish technique applied to various pressure requested by clients, including deep tissue treatment; medical massage, injury treatments (I am a PIP provider for auto accident claims), prenatal massage, people living with cancer, aromatherapy, and kinesiology taping. My goal with every client is to always address what their individual needs are. I am thrilled to announce a new treatment I will be doing at HSAC…30 minute Face Massage! To all my clients at HSAC, thank you for letting me be part of your wellness journey!