Patrick Baker

I am a licensed massage therapist from Ashmead School of Massage since 2003. I am also a licensed acupuncturist since 2014. I have a Master’s degree in science and acupuncture, and a bachelor’s degree in natural health medicine, from Bastyr University.

I specialize in clinical injury treatment style therapy, and incorporate acupuncture with massage therapy and cupping, to achieve a mixed modality therapeutic approach toward clinical injury treatment. Utilizing ‘painless-needling’ techniques and silicone-style cupping to achieve a form of myo-fascial release, which help to release deep muscular and connective tissue tightness, while limiting the stereotypical markings that are common with traditional glass cupping. Utilizing acupuncture techniques with massage has the added benefit of mutual reinforcement, meaning that the acupuncture helps release deep muscular and connective tissue tightness making it easier to release muscular tightness with massage; while utilizing massage therapy techniques help reinforce the stimulation of the meridians and channels initiated with acupuncture treatments. One can receive a combination of both acupuncture and massage, or if so desired, treatments can also consist of acupuncture or massage alone.