MÜV Training Philosophy

The purpose of MÜV Training is to motivate, encourage, and support every individual’s personal fitness goal by using the energy and enthusiasm that comes from working within our small training teams, also known as small group training. Our purpose is to embrace the choice that you have made to change your health, and apply the methods, motivation, and skills we have accumulated, to make your fitness transformation attainable and sustainable.

We believe that effort and intensity are keys to change, as is support, knowledge, safety, and variety within our small training groups. Our coaches understand the difficulties that lie ahead of any change you may want to make, but are here to guide and motivate you through your personal journey. Seize this moment, choose a more energetic and healthier you, and let us pull you up towards your fitness peak. We provide a comfortable yet motivating environment to give our clients professional training within a smaller group setting. With session participants numbering no more than 8 individuals, you can be assured to get the instruction and education you need.

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Group training can be a great fit for many, because of the cooperative and motivating support of like minded exercisers. With this program, because of the smaller training groups of eight (8) clients or less, you can still get that personal attention and coaching, with the support of a group! All the trainers in the MÜV Training program will give the group an excellent workout, coaching on proper form and foundational movement mechanics, and the motivation to move towards your fitness goals.

If you would like to request a demo session, please contact Levi Diggs – [email protected]

What makes MÜV Training Group Training work?

Group training is one professional trainer coaching eight (8) clients in a program designed to provide motivation, education and inspiration. What makes it work? Well, several factors contribute to group training success, including, but not limited to:

  • Personal attention within a group setting
  • Exercise variety that keeps you engaged
  • Camaradarie and support from a group
  • an excellent value to start your training development