Ashley Pfantz

Ashley grew up in Louisiana as a competitive gymnast, multi-sport athlete, and a Division 1 Collegiate Pole Vaulter & Cross Country runner. She graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2015 where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Fitness & Human Performance. She has coached gymnastics, taught group fitness classes, and personally trained since 2014.

She continues to learn and get new certifications each year including NFPT, OPEX CCP, Precision Nutrition, and interning with some of the top coaches in the industry (including Marcus Filly & Luka Hocevar).

She has had many injuries, including a shoulder and a hip surgery at the age of 23. In her journey towards eliminating pain, she has come to understand the power of the right movement & lifestyle practices. She specializes in Individual Design because she believes each client is unique. She starts each client with a 3 part assessment in order to be sure they get the programming, support, and challenge they need based on their specific goals, priorities, current needs, and abilities. To her, what matters most is that you have the energy and confidence to live a life you love.