• BSN in Nursing
  • A.C.E. Certified Training Specialist
  • FMSC-L2 Certified
  • TRX training

Sharon Drake

Growing up I was always active and loved playing sports. As an adult, I have discovered a love for weightlifting and body weight exercises. I also enjoy hiking, snowboarding, biking and running.

I have a nursing background which gives me an appreciation for what the human body is capable of and what can happen when we are not living an active lifestyle. This can lead to fatigue, weakness, injury and sometimes depression.

My passion is to help people become stronger and teach my clients to move well and have fun in the process. I work to help formulate realistic, yet challenging goals, in and out of the gym.
I know life can get in the way of healthy eating and regular workouts and this can lead to discouragement.

I encourage my clients to start wherever they are at in their own fitness journey and celebrate the joy of having a body that moves well while increasing their strength, flexibility and conditioning. This is all done to help my clients conquer life OUTSIDE of the gym.

I am an ACE certified trainer, FMS level 1 & 2 certified, TRX trained and currently working on my Strong first level 1 Certification.