Racquet sports at HSAC

Racquetball and Squash are two of the easiest racquet sports to enjoy. An “off the wall game” that is tough to beat for sheer fun!! They are both easy to learn. You can play them without a partner and you don’t need to purchase a lot of expensive equipment. A good game of either racquetball or squash puts all your muscle groups to work, building strength and endurance. It improves gross motor movement, eye-hand coordination and flexibility. As you become a more seasoned player you’ll see it requires a mix of mind and muscle, making it a true lifetime sport. Contact Greg Boland for more information on league play or match ups [email protected]


  • 4 championship racquet sport courts.

  • Glass back walls for spectator and guest viewing

  • Auto temperature controls insure ideal playing comfort

  • Courts available for member reservations 7 days a week

  • Complimentary loaner racquets and eye guards available for members & their guests

Additional Racquet Sports Program Information

Our Program Offers

  • Open court time
  • Challenge court for all levels
  • Morning and evening league play
  • Beginner and advanced player instruction
  • Round robins
  • Tournaments
  • Junior Program


Member Rates (Price based on one day a week):

  • Courts reservations are for 1 hour
  • Members may reserve a court 2 days in advance. 2 names required
  • Reservation sheet is at the reception desk.
  • White or non-marking shoes required.
  • Eye guards are mandatory.