Want to build bigger arms? It’s possible with these quick training tips! Get ready to work hard in the gym and make a few tweaks to your arm routine.

Ways to Build Bigger Arms

  • bigger armsGive arms a separate day: A lot of people tend to throw biceps and triceps work in with another body part at the gym. Triceps are often paired with chest exercises and biceps with a back day. But these are important muscles that deserve their training day if you want to see optimal muscular growth. If you give them more attention and full energy stores to attack weights, you’ll see quicker and more prominent change as a result.
  • Start heavy: After a good warm-up, choose exercises in which you can lift some weight and leave the smaller exercises for the end of your workout. What you choose first in your routine will make a big difference in your muscle growth. Save the “pump” for the end.
  • Hit multiple angles: If you want to build bigger arms, then it’s important to mix up your routine and hit multiple angles, especially when focusing on biceps. You want to challenge both the long and short head of the bicep. If you only do one type of bicep curl, for example, you’ll be neglecting the other part of the bicep and ultimately never see the growth you were hoping for.
  • Horseshoe Triceps: Want horseshoe triceps? Then you need to perform exercises overhead to maximize stretching, the range of motion and the long head of the triceps. If you only stick to triceps exercises with your elbows by your sides, you’ll overlook this part of the triceps and create an imbalanced approach.
  • Mix it all up: Don’t just go for a pump, and don’t stick to the same exercises. Focus on a good form without recruiting your shoulders or surrounding muscles during the movement and never be afraid to pick up some serious weight if you’re capable. You can also build bigger arms by adjusting the speed of your workouts, paying special attention to the eccentric phase of a lift and the time of contraction.

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