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Get yourself ready for ski season!

Jump start your ski season with a 6 week progressive fitness series. Geared to all ski levels and fitness abilities, this small group training will have you ready to hit the slopes in your best shape on opening day.  Minimize injuries by developing a strong core/upper body & powerful legs to tackle the slopes.

  • Improve strength to take on the slopes
  • Increase your endurance to enjoy longer ski trips
  • Ski specific exercises to improve your ski performance
  • Improve mobility and stability
  • Decrease recovery time

Breakdown of fitness series includes 2 week focus on strength gains, 2 week focus on building power, and 2 week focus on endurance training. You’ll receive personal attention in a small group setting while you pursue your goals. As an added bonus, you’ll receive workouts at the start of each week so that you can continue with them throughout the winter to experience your strongest, most successful ski season.


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    The surrounding community is welcome to be a part of the Ski Strong program.