A brand new program

We coach you through six-weeks of fun and intense training to get you fit and ready for summer.

Step into total body confidence with our 6 week Summer Body Series.  Sculpt & tone your body, uncover inner strength & confidence, and feel comfortable in your skin as you rock your beach body this summer!

HSAC Members: $175
Non-Members: $250

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Summer Body Series

A community of women training together to find their best bodies.

Work with other women in finding strength, discovering confidence, and getting results.

Summer Ready

It’s about finding your best you. We work together to embrace our own amazing bodies and get healthier.


Through training sessions, held twice-weekly, you’ll gain knowledge and be empowered over the six weeks.


Our focus is to guide and empower you in the series. You’ll get InBody testing, workouts, and health coaching.

I'm committed to helping you every step of the way by crafting workouts that are safe, fun, and get you the results you want.

Diana GraySummer Body Series - Lead Instructor

In addition to recipes, meal ideas, and snack idea, I'm excited to help you with being more aware of different wellness strategies for long term success.

Natasha O'BrienHSAC - Health Coach
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