If you’re anything like me, you burn like 5 minutes after the sun takes a peek at you and that can definitely throw a damper on your day (or a few days if you burn badly).
Though the sun is beneficial to us and none of us could survive without it, it can be a bit of a nuisance when you’re trying to get your workout done outdoors. Whether you’re running, walking, doing a park workout, or going for a bike ride, follow these tips to keep from getting a sunburn.

Make Sure You’re Prepared For Your Next Adventure in the Sun with These Tips

Cover Up!


When it’s hot outside, the last thing we want to do is pack on a bunch of clothing, but there are plenty of lightweight, stay dry kinds of clothing that you can wear.
Choose a white cotton long sleeve top over your regular workout gear or even specialized UV protective clothing. Be sure to cover your head with a brimmed hat such as a ball cap, and wear sunglasses as well. Covering up the most susceptible parts of your body is key to outdoor workout success.

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Watch The Clock

You can also prevent sunburn by changing your outdoor workout time. Peak hours for sunburn are between 10 am and 4 pm so you can go for a morning jog or a late afternoon walk and avoid the hottest part of the day all together.

Use Sunblock

Ok, this is probably the most obvious choice, but it surely works as long as you put it on. So which sunblock is the best? The one that you will wear and the one that contains at least 30 SPF. Many people don’t like the feel of a thick sunblock, but there are many different kinds on the market that come in a light spray. Be sure you find one that is for sport so that it’s sweat proof and waterproof if you’ll be swimming as part of your outdoor workout.