Basics of Tai Chi 5-week workshop.

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$ 175

One Time

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an effective, low-impact exercise for physical and mental well-being. Tai Chi is the most prominent Chinese martial art of the internal style. Internal styles place emphasis on breathing and the mental component of training. These movements are generally softer, in contrast to those of external, which tend to be harsher like Karate.

Tai Chi has many health benefits. This form of exercise strengthens and mobilizes joints and muscles, improves flexibility, balance and stability, increases energy. Tai Chi is “meditation in motion.” It focuses on breath and promotes relaxation. It can be used as a tool to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It is especially suitable as a therapy for chronic conditions because its movements are slow and gentle. Tai Chi trains the brain and boosts cognitive abilities. No equipment needed so Tai Chi can be done anywhere and can be done by all fitness levels.