Group fitness classes offer several benefits to participants, especially if they are new to the gym. Many people choose to include group fitness classes in their workout schedule because they break up the monotony of using a treadmill, lifting weights and other conditioning exercises. Group fitness classes also offer a sense of support and camaraderie for women who often get discouraged when they work out by themselves.

group fitness classesYou aren’t alone. In a group fitness class, you are exercising with others who have the same basic goals as you. They want to get in shape, lose weight and improve their health. While some are closer to their goals than others, each person in the class is willing to work towards achieving the goals they have set for themselves. Choosing to attend a group class can also provide you with an incentive to keep moving forward. When you are able to see the progress others are making, it allows you to be more willing to try new things and work harder to reach your own goals.

Nobody singles you out when you are in a large group of people. It is easier to become just another face in the crowd. One of the reasons many women avoid working out alone is that they fear being watched and made fun of. In a class setting, everyone is working together and focusing on maintaining their own rhythm and form. They don’t have time to watch others or worry about how someone else is doing. Many people join a group fitness class to surround themselves with others who enjoy the same type of activities. This often results in a sense of belonging that many women need if they plan on trying to improve their mental health as well as their physical health.

It’s not a race or competition. Everyone works at the same pace. People who attend a fitness class often do so because they are forced to keep up with the crowd. Those who do not know how to exercise properly or who tend to slow down as they exercise can benefit from a group class. Keeping up with others is part of the incentive of working out with a group. No one wants to fall behind, so extra effort is put into the exercise. This encourages a person to try harder and maintain a certain level of activity.

Fellow classmates act as a built in support system. When people join fitness groups, they meet other people with similar goals and objectives. The new friendships that are formed act as a positive support system giving everyone involved a boost whenever they may get discouraged or feel as if they are not living up to the standards they have set for themselves.

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