Are you ready to slice honey baked ham and candied yams from your holiday menu? Why not create a hearty meatless meal that includes favorite seasonal foods? The vegetarian menu below features thick, satisfying portobello mushroom steaks and twists on classic sides. Interesting sides featuring yams, cauliflower and green beans will add color, depth and loads flavorful nutrition to your holiday feast.

You can make this meal in under an hour. Set your oven to 400 degrees to start. You’ll put the Baked Portobello Mushroom dish and the Curried Cauliflower and Yams in the oven at the same time. They both take 30 minutes to bake. While those are cooking, you will have time to make the Green Beans with Garlic and Toasted Almonds on the stovetop.

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3 Healthy Vegetarian Takes on Classic Holiday Foods

Vegetarian meal

1) Baked Portobello Mushrooms

These are a cinch to make. Feasting Not Fasting shows you how to do it in a few simple steps. You’ll marinate the ‘shrooms before baking them. So, start preparing them first. The marinade includes ginger, garlic and balsamic vinegar all of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Portobello mushrooms are an incredible source of selenium, niacin and copper. They also have protein, iron and a host of other nutrients so you can serve these steaks as a main course to both meat eaters and vegetarians with confidence.

2) Curried Cauliflower and Yam 

Check out this paleo recipe from In Sonnet’s Kitchen full of nutritional goodness. You’ll get plenty of potassium and beta-carotene from the yams, in addition to a decent dose of Vitamin C, B6 and fiber. Cauliflower also has B6 and C, along with folate, Vitamin K, Omega 3 fatty acids and more. The extra bit of umph in this dish comes from the curry and turmeric. The curcumin in those powders have purported anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. The combination of sweet and savory is a palate pleaser.

3) Green Beans with Almonds and Thyme 

This recipe is from Woman’s Day is a snap to prepare. It should take just 15 minutes to cook on the stovetop. It’s a small time investment for a good nutritional payback. Green beans are a decent source of iron, folate, fiber, calcium and lots other minerals and vitamins. They are also a good source of Vitamin C, K, A and B6. Green beans contain protein too! When you pair them with protein rich almonds you’ll have a side that pleases even your most muscled guests.