The type of workout equipment you have in your home or use at the gym will vary depending on your workout goals and other needs. Whether you have disposable income to go toward your home gym or you need to stick to a budget, whether you’re a dedicated athlete or you simply want to stay healthy, and whether you have a lot of space or not, you can find equipment that fits your situation.

Cardio Workouts

For your heart-racing workouts, choose the machines you will get the most use out of. Treadmills are great if you like running and walking, elliptical machines provide low-impact exercise on your joints, and indoor bicycles are a perfect replacement when you can’t bike outside. You can also choose other equipment, such as rowers or trampolines. Keep in mind that the best exercise equipment for cardio is high-quality machines that are made well and come from a reputable brand. Spending more can be worth it for a machine that requires less maintenance, lasts longer and improves your workout performance.

Strength Training

best exercise equipmentStrength training equipment generally works one part of the body or one muscle group at a time. For instance, you could use a weight bench that allows you to work your arms or a leg press machine that works certain muscles in your legs. To get a balanced strength training workout, you need a variety of equipment that works out the different muscle groups of your body. Another option is to use a home gym that allows you to perform a broad array of strength training workouts on one versatile machine, providing a full-body workout.

Price Considerations

You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipping your home gym with high-tech machines and equipment to get an effective workout. Instead, you can purchase inexpensive workout tools to use at home. Many free weights for strength training are affordable. You can also purchase resistance bands, exercise balls, exercise mats, jump ropes and similar affordable equipment. This type of equipment allows you to perform yoga poses, calisthenics, Pilates and other strength-building and aerobic exercises.

Equipment for Travel

When you travel, lightweight and small equipment is key. Resistance bands and tubing are great options because they fold up, are lightweight and give you effective strength training. You could bring specialty travel yoga mats that are light and foldable, and a deflated exercise ball that you inflate when you reach your destination. Exercise companies make other travel exercise options as well, such as yoga gloves and specialty shoes. Travel equipment is also effective if you don’t have much room in your home to devote to exercise equipment, and if you’re looking for affordable tools.

Overall, the best exercise equipment is the type that matches your individual needs and goals.

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