As a mom, a personal trainer and most definitely as a woman, I sometimes view the scale as evil, a mood-breaker or a recipe for a bad day.

I honestly have had to work really hard and help my clients on a regular basis to minimize the worth of a scale. Helping a person see past the numbers on a scale and focus more on her fitness progress and overall lifestyle changes is far more important to me as of late.

And while I believe we all should pay attention to our weight to monitor our health, I don’t believe we need to watch the scale on a daily basis or as a way to measure our fitness level.

Now if you are someone who can jump on a scale without any obsession or negative chain of reactions, then by all means watch the scale and use it to your heart’s desire. But if you relate to what I’m saying then don’t watch the scale and read on for some other measurements I’ve discovered on my “anti-scale” journey.

  • watch the scaleHow my clothes fit: At the fittest point in my life, my weight has barely budged in a direction I believed it should. This was a wake-up call for me. I began to realize that the fitter I was, the more my clothing size would change or even my appearance in my clothes, rather than my weight. I’ve seen the same phenomenon with my clients as they started on a fitness challenge; they began to look better in their clothes and even needed to shop for smaller sizes despite their lack of weight loss. It’s important to remember that muscle is more compact than fat and can weigh more but take up less room as a result!
  • What I can do: At my lightest weight, I wasn’t even close to being able to perform at the level I can now. I’m not saying you’re unable to be a great athlete if you weigh less than others; I’m simply saying that with my increased muscle mass, I’m far more capable of running faster, lifting more and enduring harder workouts than in the past.
  • Who I inspire: There are people who view my muscles or athleticism as unappealing. This is a given fact! Beauty and fitness are often subjective. But I’m proud that I’m also inspiring people as a result of my current fitness level—people such as my loving daughter and husband or my fitness-loving friends. They see someone who is strong and capable, motivated and healthy. They don’t care what the scale says.

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